change state

change state
undergo a transformation or a change of position or action

We turned from Socialism to Capitalism


The people turned against the President when he stole the election

Syn: ↑turn
See Also: ↑turn around (for: ↑turn), ↑turn off (for: ↑turn)
Derivationally related forms: ↑turn (for: ↑turn), ↑turning (for: ↑turn)
Hypernyms: ↑change
wake up, ↑awake, ↑arouse, ↑awaken, ↑wake, ↑come alive, ↑waken, ↑zonk out, ↑pass out, ↑black out, ↑come to, ↑revive, ↑resuscitate, ↑tense, ↑tense up, ↑relax, ↑loosen up, ↑unbend, ↑unwind, ↑decompress, ↑slow down, ↑reduce, ↑melt off, ↑lose weight, ↑slim, ↑slenderize, ↑thin, ↑slim down, ↑gain, ↑put on, ↑dress, ↑clothe, ↑enclothe, ↑garb, ↑raiment, ↑tog, ↑garment, ↑habilitate, ↑fit out, ↑apparel, ↑cross-fertilize, ↑cross-fertilise, ↑conceive, ↑secularize, ↑secularise, ↑citrate, ↑equilibrate, ↑fall, ↑become, ↑go, ↑get, ↑worsen, ↑decline, ↑better, ↑improve, ↑ameliorate, ↑meliorate, ↑disengage, ↑overgrow, ↑concentrate, ↑break, ↑acidify, ↑acetify, ↑alkalize, ↑alkalise, ↑alkalify, ↑basify, ↑ionize, ↑ionise, ↑ossify, ↑catalyze, ↑catalyse, ↑get worse, ↑relapse, ↑fluctuate, ↑explode, ↑burst forth, ↑break loose, ↑die, ↑decease, ↑perish, ↑exit, ↑pass away, ↑expire, ↑pass, ↑kick the bucket, ↑cash in one's chips, ↑buy the farm, ↑conk, ↑give-up the ghost, ↑drop dead, ↑pop off, ↑choke, ↑croak, ↑snuff it, ↑be born, ↑cloud over, ↑carbonize, ↑carbonise, ↑cool, ↑chill, ↑cool down, ↑heat, ↑hot up, ↑heat up, ↑carburize, ↑carburise, ↑freeze, ↑boil, ↑burn, ↑combust, ↑emaciate, ↑Frenchify, ↑thicken, ↑inspissate, ↑solvate, ↑react, ↑dissolve, ↑fade out, ↑fade away, ↑empty, ↑discharge, ↑fill, ↑fill up, ↑homogenize, ↑homogenise, ↑curdle, ↑clabber, ↑clot, ↑coagulate, ↑sour, ↑turn, ↑ferment, ↑work, ↑integrate, ↑precipitate, ↑calcify, ↑coke, ↑carnify, ↑chondrify, ↑emulsify, ↑denitrify, ↑esterify, ↑etherify, ↑thrombose, ↑open, ↑open up, ↑close, ↑shut, ↑sorb, ↑take up, ↑calm, ↑calm down, ↑cool off, ↑chill out, ↑simmer down, ↑settle down, ↑cool it, ↑thrive, ↑prosper, ↑fly high, ↑flourish, ↑emancipate, ↑liberate, ↑get into, ↑tangle with, ↑liquefy, ↑erupt, ↑ignite, ↑catch fire, ↑take fire, ↑conflagrate
Verb Group: ↑become, ↑turn, ↑grow
Verb Frames:

Something ——s


Somebody ——s

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